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Mission Statement:

The Gordonsville Volunteer Fire Company provides Protection and Safety through Dedication and Service. We are committed to assist the general public and residents of Gordonsville by providing safety and preservation to life, property and the environment. Through training, company efficiencies and fiscal responsibility the Gordonsville Volunteer Fire Company continues to provide outstanding unsurpassed services.

 GVFC requests that all 911 address signs are placed on the same side of the road that the residence is on, and visible from both directions of travel. Not only the E911 signs are important but our ability to access your driveways. Below is a guide for Fire Apparatus Access to residence driveways!

The minimum driveway width for a single house is 12 feet to 26 feet of drivable surface.  If you share your driveway (or private roadway) with other homes your driveway width will increase depending on the number of users (homes) on the driveway or roadway. At least 13 ft 6 in. nominal vertical clearance should be provided and maintained over the full width of your roadway.

Driveway widths for more than one user are:

* 1-2 Users                  12 feet

* 3-6 Users                  18 feet

* Over 7 Users             26 feet



Maintaining your driveways and posting your E911 signs properly will help FIRE, EMS and POLICE find and access your residence quickly and efficiently.  The fire company can provide residents with a Green Reflective 911 Home Address panel.  


The sign panel should be 36" to 48" from the ground. If any residents are interested  please email for pricing and availability. Below are examples of the reflective sign..


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